ZTW 32 Bit G2 BEATLES ESC 20A 40A 80A 100A 2-6s BEC Speed Controller

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ZTW 32-Bit ESC Beatles G2 20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A 2-6S SBEC 5V/6V 8A Brushless Speed Controller For RC Fixed-wing Airplane


1. Adopting new generation of MOSFETs, low heat generation, withstand large current instantly, and high reliability.
2. Has high performance 32 bit microprocessor, stronger computing ability with faster and smoother running speed.
3. The ESC is waterproof and glued, and the flat water-cooling design ensures efficient heat dissipation.
4. Super smooth start-up and accurate throttle linearity make the ESC suitable for all kinds of RC boat models.
5. The ESC has two running modes for different applications:“Forward Only” and “Forward and Backward”.
6. Higher driving efficiency and more energy-saving.
7. Adjustable SBEC 5V/6V output voltage provides more powerful power to the servo. (40A/50A/60A/80A/100A have SBEC adjustable)
8. Multiple protections: start-up, over-heat, low-volt
age cutoff, signal loss, phase loss.

9. Support high RPM motors, and compatible with most motors in the market.
10. Fully programmable via ZTW new programming box G2.


ZTW Beatles 20A G2 SBEC
Cont/Peak Current: 20A/30A
Battery NiXX/Lipo: 5-12NC/2-4Lipo
BEC Output: 5.5V/4A(Switch Mode)
Size(L*W*H): 60*25*10mm
Weight: 25g

ZTW Beatles 40A G2 SBEC
Cont/Peak Current: 40A/55A
Battery NiXX/Lipo: 5-12NC/2-4Lipo
BEC Output: 5V/6V 4A(Switch Mode)
Size(L*W*H): 68*25*10mm
 Weight: 37g

ZTW Beatles 80A G2 SBEC
Cont/Peak Current: 80A/100A
Battery NiXX/Lipo: 5-18NC/2-6Lipo
BEC Output: 5V/6V 8A(Switch Mode)
Size(L*W*H): 90*37*10
Weight: 75g

ZTW Beatles 100A G2 SBEC
Cont/Peak Current: 100A/120A
Battery NiXX/Lipo: 5-18NC/2-6Lipo
BEC Output: 5V/6V 8A(Switch Mode)
Size(L*W*H): 90*37*10
Weight: 80g

ZTW Program Card

The LCD Program card can be used to set up the Gecko series brushless ESC produced by ZTW Model for RC aircraft and RC cars.

Users can choose their desired parameter at any time.
It has 2 user methods as follows:

a) Working as an individual device to set the parameters of ESC.
b) Working as an USB adapter to link the ESC with PC, to update the firmware of ESC and set the parameters of ESC on PC.

Dimensions: 91mm*54mm*18mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 68g
Power supply: DC 5V~12V

Note: Throttle calibration,  here is the process:
1. Turn on the transmitter, move the throttle stick to the top position.
2. Connect the battery pack to the ESC and wait for about 2 seconds.
3. The motor will beep for twice, then move the throttle stick to the bottom position in 3 seconds.
4. The motor will beep several sounds, sounds time presents the amount of battery cells.
5. When the motor emits ”Beep----Beep”, means the ESC is ready to work.









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