Swashplate Leveler 3D Printed For Align Trex 450 | 500 | 600

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Hi and Welcome, 

These Swash Plates are Made by me, right here in the USA, We are a small Family business located in Phoenix, Arizona, with Roots in New York City, Chicago and Miami.  I make these 3D Printed Swash Plate Levelers and I test them and make sure they fit my RC Helicopters.  Since I have the 450, 500 and 600 size, these are the only ones that I make and can guarantee.  Thank you for stopping by and if you purchase, for supporting a local business.

I can Also Make Custom Swashplate Levelers for your RC Heli, All I would need is for you to send the main shaft (Can Be a spare) and the swashplate.  I will mail back to you Everything and your New Swashplate Leveler tool.

Swashplate Leveler For Align Trex 450 | 450 Clone| Gartt 450 | KDS 450 | HK450.

For 5mm Main Shaft Size

This tool is an integral part to initial RC Helicopter Setup. Super Lightweight and Durable. Perfectly sized for Flybar 450 or Flybarless Swashplates.

Swashplate Leveler For Align Trex 500 | 500 Clone| Gartt 500 | KDS 500 | HK500.

For 8mm Main Shaft Size

Swashplate Leveler For Align Trex 600 | 600 Clone| Gartt 600 | KDS 600 | HK600.

For 10mm Main Shaft Size

3D Printed in the USA

 Support local small family business.

Can also be used with other helicopters with 5mm, 8mm and 10mm main shafts.  Thank you !!!! and See you in the Air 🙏