SURPASS HOBBY BAT Series Drone Performance Motors 3-8s 2807 2810 2812 3115 sizes

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BAT Series
Performance Drone Motors

All motors feature M5 CW shaft with a M5 Nut x1, to fit most propellers.


S2807 Brushless motor 3s-6s

S2807 1300kv Brushless Motor 3s-6s

FPV Motor  for 7 inch drone 

KV(RPM/Volt): 1300kv

Watts: up to 1056w

Voltage Range(V): 12v-24v

Max Current(A): up to 44A

Rotor Poles: 14 pole

Motor size(mm): 32.9x 33.1mm

Weight: 55g

Stator size (mm): 28x7mm

Recommended Propeller: 7x3.5

Thrust Max: 2535 grams

S2810 Brushless motor 3s-6s

S2810 1180kv Brushless Motor 3s-6s

FPV Motor  for 7 inch drone 

KV(RPM/Volt): 1180kv

Watts: up to 1030w

Voltage Range(V): 12v-24v

Max Current(A): up to 43A

Rotor Poles: 14 pole

Motor size(mm): 33.3x 38.7mm

Weight: 70g

Stator size (mm): 28x10mm

Recommended Propeller: 7x4x3 3 blades

Thrust Max: 2341 grams

S2812 Brushless motor 3s-6s

S2812 900kv Brushless Motor 3s-6s

KV(RPM/Volt): 900kv

Watts: up to 1122w

Voltage Range(V): 12v-25v

Max Current(A): up to 45A

Rotor Poles: 14 pole

Motor size(mm): 33.9x 41.9mm

Weight: 78g

Stator size (mm): 28x12mm

Recommended Propeller: 9x5x3 3 bladed Prop

Thrust Max: 3066 grams

S3115 Brushless motor 5s-8s

KV(RPM/Volt): 900kv

Watts: 1005w

Voltage Range(V): 21v-33.6v

Max Current(A): 40A

Rotor Poles: 14 pole

Motor size(mm): 37.5x 49.5mm

Weight: 112g

Stator size (mm): 31x15mm

Recommended Propeller: 9.0x 4.7/ 9.0x4.5

Thrust Max: 3218 grams

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