SCX24 Strut Flex Extenders Simple Cost Effective Enhancement

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SCX24 Strut Flex Extenders

Simple Cost Effective Enhancement!!

I got the idea for this from trying a strut flex extender and, I wasn't really happy with the way that it worked.  For example the strut was getting locked into high position and never settling back down to neutral, would interfere with the screws on the drive axle..... So I did a complete redesign of the unit and this is the 5th revision of it and it works amazing. Very smooth in its transitions and it never gets stuck up, comes down when the job is done.  Very nice.  This simple cost effective upgrade adds a wopping boost of 187% extra flex as you'll see in the Photographs.  Standard flex on the new Bronco came in at around 32mm, with this simple addition, your flex extends to 60mm easily.  I believe you will be very happy with this little addition.  And at this price, why pay more?  I do not believe in overcharging and I think you will definitely enjoy this. A low cost easy upgrade. 

Check out the original design that sparked my revision.... here at thingiverse, item # 4830147 or search for "Axial SCX24 Rear Suspension Flex Modification"

In this item, you receive 4 Extenders,  Here are the Specs....






Flex Strut Extender 



Age Range

14 Years & up 


Vehicles & Remote Control Toys 

Place of Origin

Phoenix, Arizona 

Model Number



Easy to install 100% Solid Print 




Approx. 4g 

RC Parts & Accs

Vyper 3D Printed Suspension Components 

Upgrade Parts/Accessories

Strut Extender Flex up to 187% more 

Package Included

2 Front Straight and 2 Rear Angled


Easy to install and more durable PLA+ workmanship


Material: PLA+ 100% infill Weight: Approx. 4g RC Parts & Accs:

Package Included

2 Front and 2 Rear Strut Extenders

Suitable for

Axial SCX24 AXI90081 Deadbolt 1/24 RC Crawler Car

Axial SCX24 AXI00001 Chevrolet 1/24 RC Crawler Car

Axial SCX24 AXI00002 Wrangler 1/24 RC Crawler Car

Axial SCX24 AXI00004 1/24 RC Crawler Car

Axial SCX24 AXI00005 Gladiator 1/24 RC Crawler Car

Axial SCX24 AXI00006 Bronco 1/24RC Crawler Car


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