RC Plane RC Airplane Control Horns Similar to Flite Test | 3D Print For Scratch Building

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Hi And Welcome.  Here we have Various Size RC Air Plane Control Horns for Do It Yourselfers..... Us Scratch Builders.  These Control Horns work with Either FliteTest A, F, B and C Power Pods Airplane Plane and Speed Build Kits. They also work great for foam board profile planes.  They glue in and Hold Fantastic for Dollar Tree Foam Board or Flite Test WaterResistant or Maker Foam. 

Monster Size works great for 6-9 foot Rc Airplanes
Regular Size works great for 800mm to 1800mm RC Airplane (4ft)
Mini Size works great for all mini rc scratch builds

I make these at Home and in the USA.  I ship to anywhere in the world that shipping goes to.  For mass orders please communicate quantities needed for an appropriate delivery time.  

Thank you for checking us out and as always see you in the air.  Any Question Feel Free to ask.  We are here to help. 

These 3D print files are available for download at Thingiverse.com at the links below if you would like to print them yourself.  If not order away 😃 and we thank you for supporting local and small family business.

Mini Control Horn:   https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:946252
Regular Size Horn:   https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:317559
For Monster size, Upsize the regular to 150-185%