RC Plane Nylon CF Motor Mount Foam Board DIY 3D Printed For Scratch Building

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Our Motor Mounts are now constructed with PA-CF, also known as Nylon Carbon Fiber Filament, which is acknowledged for its remarkable strength and heat resistance. To demonstrate the difference in the heat-resistance of the various materials, I have included a photo of the effects a typical Arizona summer day can have on the various prints. Being three times more heat resistant than PLA, PA Nylon Carbon Fiber is an ideal choice for all of our Motor Mounts, ensuring superior quality and durability each and every time.

Nylon Carbon Fiber 3d Printed

Print Color: Black

Infill: 50%

Wall Count: 4

Heat Resistance up to 150° C


These mounts are designed to work with FliteTest B or C Power Pods and Motors, as well as Dollar Tree Foam Board or FliteTest Water Resistant Foam Board planes. My Yak 55 and P-51 have been equipped with these motor mounts. The Mini and Normal FT Style Motor Mounts come in a two-pack - one order provides two mounts. I manufacture these in the US and can ship them within the US. For bulk orders, please contact us to coordinate a delivery timeline. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries. If you'd like to try 3D printing your own motor mount, the file is available on Thingiverse. Thanks for your support of a small, family-run business.

Profile Plane Mount  thingiverse  2837850

FT Style Mount:  thingiverse 2987679
FT Style Mini Round Master Series Firewall: thingiverse 4696715

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