RC Car 1/24 1/28 1/32 Scale 20 Pack Rock Crawler Traffic Course Cones

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20x Orange Traffic or Course Cones

20 Units of 3d Printed Orange Cones.  Printed in Phoenix, Arizona.  These are a great addition for your scale vehicles, RC Cars, RC Crawlers , RC Motorcycles and More. 
If you would like to print these for yourself, they are located .... here at thingiverse, item # 5720348 or search for 25mm RC Rock Crawler Course/Traffic Cone SCX24.  This listing is only for the traffic cones.  The cars in the pictures are so you can see how they look in relation to the different cars.  



Easy to use and more durable PLA+ workmanship.

Bright and Vivid Orange Color.

Stackable for easy storage and mounting on your scale flat bed.


Material: PLA+ 100% infill Weight: Approx. 1g

Size: 20x20x25mm

Package Included

20 x Traffic Cone

Total Weight ~ 20-21.5grams

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