N Scale 1:160 3D Printed Building - East Coast Brownstones PLA

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Historic and Iconic East Coast Brownstones

Do you love Brownstones?  These popular buildings are made from Connecticut River,  Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, Apostle Island, New Jersey and South Wales Brownstone Quarries  to  name a few. Each stone comes from millions of years of prehistoric  Triassic-Jurassic sediment accumulating in the rivers. Brownstone was primarily used in Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, Washington, Connecticut and Philadelphia for making landmarks and also for making the infamous Brownstone Homes we see lined in the cities of the East Coast.  

Each package in this listing is for 3 buildings.  Package A and Package B

Each Package Comes only with the 3 Brownstone Buildings Pictured.  The other items in the photo are to show its scale and to help give an idea of how it looks with other items. 

Each package will include:

 3x Buildings of 3 Colors, Grey, Sand and Brick Color

 All Building Feature a Black Roof

 1x 3 Level Brownstone

 2x 2 Level Brownstone

Please refer to the picture in the Package and those are the Brownstones you will get.  Order both to complete your full set. 

This is a rework of an STL available on Thingiverse. I have shrunken the size down to 1/160 N scale and I have combined many of the pieces to make for easy assembly.  Just a couple of drops of CA Glue on the corners and you're all set. 

The STL File for the original is available at Thingiverse, item # 4242162, If you would like to print yourself, make a different size or you can purchase it here.  This is a multiple color PLA print.

This makes a great addition to your N Scale,  Model Train Layout or Diorama.   



3D Printed 1/160 N Scale 

Print Color: Brick, Grey, Sand and Black

Size of 3 units together: 127 x 106 x 78 or 120  mm

Weight: ~140 grams

Made in USA

Thank you for looking at our listing and if you purchase, we hope you enjoy.  Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.