N Scale 1:160 3D Printed Building - Dracula’s Tower PLA Eclipse Black

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Dracula’s Tower

What a great addition to your fantasy set! Use it by itself or add it to your model railroad. Who doesn’t like to visit Dracula on a scenic ride through the mountains and cliffs of Transylvania ? Get your today or gift one  Made here in the USA!! 


Eclipse Daytime Black (yes I just made that color up because it sounds cool and my little guy approves. :-)! But for most people, it’s Black color. 
Hollowed out to easily fill with your own light source
Opened Window Design to let the light out


Dollar Tree sells LED lights (red) that work quite nicely with 2AA batteries


The STL File for the original is available at Thingiverse, item # 6271394, If you would like to print yourself or you can purchase it here.  This is approximately 6.5 hour Print.

This makes a great addition to your N Scale,  Model Train Layout.  My son loves it with our N Scale Thomas and Friends.  


3D Printed 1/160 N Scale 

Print Color: Eclipse Daytime Black

Size: 158 x 68 x 65 mm

Weight: ~85 grams

Made in USA

Thank you for looking at our listing and if you purchase, we hope you enjoy.  Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.