KitchenMods® Taino Coasters Caribbean Themed 3D Printed

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Our Story........ 1st Thank you for stopping and looking.  You've come across a small family business that is based in Phoenix Arizona, with roots in  New York City, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia and in the Caribbean.  One of our passions besides family, is food and making wonderful dishes.  My wife is (in my eyes) an excellent chef and she was the one who inspired me to start this small business.  Together we founded and started KitchenMods®, for love of cooking and love of family. We guarantee the quality of the products we sell and send you, from our hearts to your homes, Modifying one Kitchen at a time. 


3D Printed Taino Caribbean Style Coasters
Made with PLA 3D Filament
Printed in our Home, but made for your home with pride.
7 Piece Set, Includes A Coaster Holder and 6 Coasters
Colors: Red, White and Blue
Here is a great addition for any caribbean household/kitchen or restaurant.  That includes, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antilles, Curacao, Haiti, Bahamas and more! These coasters will effectively keep moisture away from table surfaces and look good doing so.  Spark up a conversation on your caribbean roots and ancestry with this coaster set. Makes a great gift!

Do not wash in a dish washer.  Wash by hand luke warm to cold water and set aside upside down to dry. 

Each Taino symbol is a representation of a God, or forces of nature, or a tale of everyday life. 

Coaster Symbols Include

1x Sun Such as Yocahu – god of dawning light – and Mother Earth. It is believed that these symbols were used by the wisest character in his ceremonies, prior to European contact. The Sol Taíno is perhaps the most important Taino symbol, representing the sun and the forces of nature. 

1x  Frog  has a very special place because it’s associated with the female goddess of fertility, a woman known as Attabeira, and she is the representation of what you might call the “mother goddess” or the “giver of life” to the Taino peoples. Also The indigenous Taíno symbol for coquí, which is ubiquitous in Puerto Rico. The frog-like hands seen in Taíno imagery  associated with ‘femaleness’s and the calls of coquí are associated with female fertility and children. 

1x Moon Goddess Diosa Luna is the Taíno goddess representative of the always inspiring moon. Tainos from modern day Dominican Republic believed that the moon, stars and sun rose from Iguanaboina cave located on the eastern side of the island.

1x  Turtles were considered the mother of fertility within the Taíno symbols, humanity and the origin of life.

1x  Spiral is a common symbol found in Taino art. It is a representation of cosmic energy and its unendingness. It is also representative of sweet water. The spiral is a symbol of both material and immaterial concepts and objects.

1x Trigonolito Yocahu Vaguada Maorocoti: God of fertility. “Spirit of the Yucca and the sea. Mr yucador. ” He was buried in the conucos cassava; main food of the native Taino, to fertilize the soil.

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