HTIRC UBEC 6a Max 10a, Input 6v-25v 2-6s UBEC Output 5v-5.5v-6v w/ XT60

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HTIRC UBEC 6A With XT60 Connector


*USA TI power management chip. Efficiency of more than 95%
*Ultra-Low standby power consumption
*Power-On indicating function
*Polarity reverse protection function. If power line is reversed, UBEC will protect itself by switching off the output. 
* Compact Size


Model: SBEC 6A
Current Continuous: 6A
Burst: 8A
BEC: 5.0v/5.5v/6.0v/6A
Battery: 2-6Lipo / 5-18NC
Size: 45x21x10mm
Weight: 15 Grams

For RC Car, RC Helis, RC AirPlane, RC Quadcopters, MultiRotors, RC Gliders
Designed with advanced switching mode DC-DC regulator IC: Battery polarity reversal protection.
The working status is displayed by indicator light (LED), and it lights up when the output is within normal range.