HTIRC Hornet ESC Programmer Card

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In a nutshell, its super simple to use.  Basically you set the pins to the values you want. Connect your esc to a motor w/o a prop attached for safety (so that you can hear the beeps), then you plug in the signal line to the program card, then you connect the battery to the ESC, you will hear one beep when programmed correctly, that's it.  Super simple.  

As always any questions, I'm here to help.  Thank you for being such great customers! We appreciate you!

User Guide

Thank you for purchasing HTIRC Program Card for Hornet & Dragonfly
Series ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). Please read the user manual before programming HTIRC ESC. 

The Program Card can be used to set programmable parameters of Hornet & Dragonfly series
ESC. With a friendly user interface, it is very easy and convenient to operate.
Before using, please make sure the Program Card and ESC under the
same communications protocol.


 Input Voltage: 5.0--8.0V

Set the jumpers on program card for the settings you want


 Prepare your program card, DC power supply, ESC and motor.
(Please do not install propeller while programming)
 Connect the ESC to the motor/Signal Wire to the Program Card/ESC to the battery pack.
 For the ESC without BEC built-in(OPTO), you need to connect the extra power (5.0-8.0V)
to the Program Card.
 You should hear one short Beep that your settings are confirmed and stored. If you hear four
Beeps, the settings are invalid and you should check and reset.

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