Hobbywing LED Program Card For SkyWalker

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This is the absolute easiest way to program your Hobbywing Skywalker ESC.  Comes sealed in package, with instructions. This ESC will also work for earlier versions of FlyFun ESC(not v5). Will also work with HobbyKings Turnigy Plush ESC's. 

Great For setting up your RC Airplane or RC Helicopter. 

It size is only 92mm length x 52mm wide x 6mm height, making it very compact and easy to store and transport as a daily addition to your Field Box. 


Size: 92mm (length) * 52mm (width) * 6mm (thick);
Weight: 26g;
input voltage: 4.8V-6.0V 
Do Not Use more than 6v to power card

The Functions

1. Brake setting:  brake off / brake on;
2. Battery type: Lithium battery / NiMH;
3.Low Voltage Protection Mode: Soft-Shutdown / hard off;
4.Low Voltage Protection Threshold: low / medium / high;
5.Start Mode: normal / soft / very soft; Use very soft for RC Heli
6.Timing: Low / Medium / High;
7.the number of lithium (for high-voltage override active) / Power Music (for general low voltage override active) section;
8.retention programs;
9.restore factory defaults;

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