Glitch Buster Glitch Stopper Voltage Protector For RC Aircraft Cars 3300uF 16v

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ToTsRC Glitch Stopper (Glitch Buster)
16v 3300uF

Hi and Welcome, Here is the new ToTsRC Glitch Stoppers.  When you order from us, you are supporting a small family business that is intent on great service and products. Thank you for your support. 

Used for RC Radio Receiver, to help prevent Brown Outs and Power Interruptions! Can also be used to help servos operate better, for servo testers, for gyros of RC Helicopters and RC Planes as well as Gyros for Drift Cars and other RC Cars and RC Boats, they allow the consistent power needed to function at maximum digital levels.

This is a great addition to your RC Project, to give it that extra protection and performance it deserves.

What does it do?

The Glitch Stopper Prevent Voltage drops to Receiver/Servo/Gyro Components.

How do you use it?

Simply Plug into any open receiver input/channel slot!, it's that easy. 

16volts (for Maximum Durability)
3300uF (for Maximum Protection)
Wire Length  30mm 
Weight 4.5 grams

Use for RC Aircraft, RC Plane, RC Helicopter, RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Boats, RC Sailplanes, RC Gliders, Robotics, RC Servo Tester, For Education Purpose, For Engineering or anywhere you want to help avoid voltage drops.  Rated up to 16 Volts.

When ordering large amounts please allow me some time to make items.  I usually ship within 1 day, orders of 10 or more will require slightly more time.  Thank you