Corona CS238MG Analog Metal Gear Servo 4.0kg

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Here we have the Monster Plane Scratch Build Servo. It includes one of these Corona CS-238MG all-metal gear servos. These servos offer excellent torque and durability for their size. Use them in all your Monster builds with confidence. They offer plenty of power to pull out of loops. How do I know this? Because everything I sell, I use personally. My goal is to find affordable and reliable alternatives to mainstream brands and share them with you in order to reduce the cost of this wonderful hobby. This new addition to my budget RC parts spares no expense in performance, strength, and reliability!

These Servos are nice and compact, while offering high torque!!

As Always, all of these servos will be bench tested for functionality and performance before they are shipped to you, buy with confidence and thank you for looking and shopping a small family business. 

Happy Building and SEE YOU IN THE AIR!!

1 Pcs Corona CS238MG Analog Metal Gear Servo 1/12 1/16 1/18


Model: CS238MG  
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
Operating Current: 300mA / 400mA
Operating Speed: 0.15sec.60º/ 0.14sec.60º
Stall Torque: /
Size: 29X13X30mm
Weight: 22g
Dead Band: ≤5uSec
Operating Travel: 40º/one side pulse traveling 400us
Potentiometer: 3 slider/Direct Drive
Ball bearing: MR106
Gear: Metal
Connector wire: 215mm
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +60°C