Commodore 1581 Replica Connector Kit w/ Power switch

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Commodore 1581 Replica Connector Kit

For Use with Commodore 64 64c Commodore 128  Commodore 1541-II Commodore 1581 

This Connection Kit Comes with The Power Switch, The Dip Switch, The power 4-pin Connector, 2x serial 6-pin Connectors.  The 34 Pin Floppy (FDD) Connector (comes already trimmed for perfect placement) AND a polarized FDD power connector so you don't switch up the 5v or 12 volt power ever again. 



 Power switch is Rated: 5A 125v AC


FYI: when installing the FDD 4 pin connector the side with the hole, should be facing towards the front of the drive.  refer to  installation picture.


Any questions, feel free to reach out.