Commodore 1581 Replica Case Édition Saveur 3d Printed For c64 c128

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Commodore 1581 Replica Case 3.5" Disk Drive

For Use with Commodore 64 64c Commodore 128 128D

Features Exciting New Retro Colours

3D Printed Case in 3 Main Parts printed with PLA 30-40% infill to make it sturdy and durable.

Internal Drive Mount Plate

Note: you can now choose between PC Style opening or regular Floppy Slot opening. Let me know which you want in your order notes  

4x Drive Eject Adapter (FD-235HF, SFD-321B) the case is designed specifically to work with these drive modules  

Weight ~315 grams

Color: Cherry, Mango, Grape, Lime, Bluberry and Orange

Does Not include Screws.

You can use #6 plastic screws 17-19 thread per inch 7/16" long