Commodore 1581 Replica Case Black 3d Printed For Commodore c64 c128 CBM Computer

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Welcome to  ToTs RETRO ! This is one of the first, in a select line of Vintage products relating to Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 computers.  Like many of you, my first computer was a commodore 64 and 40 years later, its made a huge comeback into my life.  I always take great care in what I do, in learning how to make things and make them well and I've taken this passion to start this small family business.  Over the course of the next few months, more and more products will be released of some hard to find or come by Retro items related to the Commodore Computer.  Here is the first listing.  Thank you for visiting and of course any questions please feel free to ask. 


Commodore 1581 Replica Case 3.5" Disk Drive

For Use with Commodore 64 64c Commodore 128 128D


3D Printed Case in 3 Main Parts printed with PLA  40% infill to make it sturdy and durable.

Internal Drive Mount Plate

4x Drive Eject Adapter (FD-235HF, SFD-321B) So you have options on which drive you use. 

Weight ~315 grams

Color: Midnight Black Case w/Grey Buttons


Does Not include Screws.

You can use #6 plastic screws 17-19 thread per inch 7/16" long