Commodore 1581 Drive Replica 3.5” for Commodore c64 c128 CBM

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Welcome to  ToTs RETRO I’m sure your going to love this one. 



Commodore 1581 Replica 3.5" Disk Drive

For Use with Commodore 64 64c Commodore 128 128D 128DCR


Newly built by ToTs RETRO with all New Components and New Old Stock Original Parts,   with 1581 DOS ROM, WD 1770 controller, 8k Ram, Rockwell 6502 CPU  processor running at 2mhz and the Commodore MOS 8520A chip. All chips and logic chips tested and socketed.

I used the iCore enhanced replica board to build this out.

Comes with a 90 day warranty (warranty void if closure seals are broken) and all units are fully tested and sent working to you.

You’ll receive:

A high quality over 28 hours to make this 3D Printed Case in 3 Main Parts printed with PLA  40% infill to make it sturdy and durable.

Internal Drive Mount Plate

Amiga Modified Internal 3.5 inch Floppy Drive Recapped lubed installed and ready to go.

Read and Writes Double Sided Double Density 3.5” Floppies 2DD 800k 

Includes 3 floppies to get you started  1581 ToolKit, 1581 Utilities/Demo and your very own ToTs Retro Blank Pre Formatted Commodore disk, ready to use in your commodore series computers. 

Weight ~940 grams 

Color: Retro Beige

DOES NOT come with power supply or serial Cable, you must supply your own.  Warranty covers all components inside the disk drive. Does not cover damage from falling, dropping  , water or flooding, improper use or over voltage from poor PSU.  I recommend you use a new verified 1541-ll or 1581 power supply, or one that is know working good.  All components have been tested and working great before they ship to you. The 1581 Drive is ready for use out of the box.  


Notes. The 1581 Drive and the Pi1541 are not compatible to work together on the same bus. The 1581 works with 1541 and 1571 drives as well as other 1581 drives and goTek drives. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me.  Shipping for any warranty service to and from is paid by buyer. Your purchase is guaranteed with a 30 day money back guarantee. All items and parts must be returned in its new pristine condition to be eligible for a refund.