A2217 1100KV Brushless Motor for RC Plane/Fixed Wing UAV 10'' Prop 1050 drone

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Metal A2217 1100KV Brushless Motor

This is a perfect motor for scratch builders, building 4ft (1000-1400mm) wingspan aviation model rc planes.  I've used this in my scratch build F4U Corsair, Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, P-38 I even used this motor size in a scratch build Super Cub, excellent performance.  Would recommend a 40 Amp Esc to use with this motor. 


1 Piece Metal A2217 1100KV Brushless Motor, Shaft Diameter 4.0mm

Motor Suitable for 10inch Propellers, such as 1070, 1050, 1060 etc.

Professional for Fixed Wing / RC Boat Accessories Parts.

High precision for security and stability.

Material: Metal


Shaft Diameter 4.0mm

KV: 1100

Size Chart:

Size: approx. 27.8x32mm / 1.09x1.26inch.

Package Includes:

1 Set A2217 1100KV Brushless Motor

Product Name: A2217 KV1100 8T  external brushless motor

Dimensions: 27.8*32mm

Weight: 68 grams

Output shaft diameter: 4.0mm

KV value: 1100KV

Test Data:


11V 19.5A 8450 rpm, thrust 1012 g

10.5V 17.4A 8220 rpm, thrust 953 grams

10V 17.2 8030 turn, thrust 903 g


9.5V 15.9 7730 turn, thrust 830 grams