6 Axis Gyro A3V2 RC Airplane Flight Stabilizer - Fixed Wing

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A3V2 6 Axis Fixed Wing Gyro

Description : 
I use this in all of my planes, that I don't want to wreck/break.  These are extremely reliable and an excellent economical choice for those wanting to learn to fly or use for FPV wing or plane and even for those who just likes a little assistance in flying.  I highly recommend these.  Every hobby part I sell, I have used myself and that is why I know these work great and back them with a 30 satisfaction guarantee. The unit comes with instructions that are pretty easy to follow. This is a plane saver. Which if you build planes like I do, all those man hours you put into your planes and scratch builds can easily last longer with this quality gyro. 

You can even install it into your store bought planes. Includes Instructions

Item Name: A3 V2 flight controller 
Material: Metal 
Input Voltage: 5 to 7.4V 
Servo Travel: 1520 ± 500μs 
Gyroscope: ± 2000dps 
Accelerometer: ± 4g 
Operating Temp: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ 
Size: 43 × 27mm 
Weight: 11g 

- One-click Auto Hover 
- 4 Flight Modes: Normal, Auto-balance, Auto-hover and Gyro Off modes. 
- 3 Wing Types: Standard, Delta-wing (Flying-wing) and V-tail. 
- 3 working frequencies for servos: 50Hz, 125Hz and 250Hz 
- Separated gain adjustment for each flight mode. 
- Automatic stick centering. 
- HV (7.4) operating voltage supported. 
- Futaba S.Bus / S.Bus 2 supported. 
- Easy to use, extremely well-suited to beginners 



Package Included:

1x A3 V2 Flight Controller

Help Section:

I've received this comment a couple of times

My gyro just flashed red what do I do, I cant get it to work

Answer: If the gyro flashes red, that means it is not arming.  In order for it to arm, the gyro must be connected to at least one of the channels to your receiver, Rud, Ele or Aileron.  It works best if all three are connected before you start programming.  Always connect your servos as well so you can program correct orientation of the control surfaces.  

If no input is place on the mode channel, the gyro will be steady blue and default to flight stabilization mode only.  It will not go into  the auto hover mode, or the auto balance mode

To get all three modes, assign the Mode channel to a three position toggle switch.  

You can also chose two  modes if you only have a two position toggle switch.

Hope that Helps, I'll add more as the questions come it.  Have a great day.