2S-6S Lipo Deans XT60 to USB Port Charger 5V 2A

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Keep your phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, GoPro cameras, and other portable USB devices charged and always ready while on the go. With this small device, you never have to worry about finding an outlet again. It can charge devices easily and efficiently from 3s, 4s, and 6s lipos. It even worked on my iPhone and iPad. I typically use 3 or 4s lipos, but it can handle up to 6s.

Great For Travel, Great for Emergencies like a power outage!!! Use your charged or storage charged lipos in case of emergency!!!!!

Can also be used as a quick on the go, battery voltage tester, since it has a built in voltage display!!

Supports 2S to 6S lithium battery lithium battery, output 5V, can charge any type of mobile phone.
This gadget can be used to charge the mobile phones. Also can charge the Tablet PC and a variety of battery backup devices (such as cameras, Bluetooth headsets), can be used as USB portable lamp power supply.
In hot summer, can supply power to the USB fan, USB Light and Many other Devices. .

Input: 2S-6S
Output: 5V-2A
The weight of about 10 grams
Connector Type: XT60 plug or Deans, Chose your Connector
Output interface: Standard USB interface
Size: 53mm*15mm*8mm