150AMP WATT METER for RC Hobby

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"This is In Fact the Most important Tool any RC Pilot can

 Have!" ToT's RC

Item description:


This meter is great to use as an inexpensive way to spot check renewable energy system for power production
Also perfect for the RC HOBBYISTS to measure power output
Attack your favorite connectors XT60 or DEANS
Measures 8 Parameters
Volts - Real time
Volts - Minimum
Amps - Real time
Amps - Peak
Watts - Real time
Watts - Peak


1.To prevent peak currents damaging battery,Electronic Speed Controllers, motors, wiring and connectors.
2.Verify sufficient operating voltage under load.
3.Set cut off voltages, check battery capacity& health.
4.Confirm proper battery charger operation.
5.Measure receiver and servo current to determineif a UBEC is needed.
6.Professional battery tester / Great Performance and Precision/ Backlight Blue LCD
7.The product comes with a 16 * 2 backlit LCDscreen, so you can see more clearly. Don't worry about testing anywhere, evenin direct sunlight, you can see it very clearly.
8.The product has a venting hole design to unblock the internal heat to the outside world. Use high-quality tin-copper core,strong load capacity and low resistance.
9.This device accumulates Charge [Ah] Amphour andEnergy [Wh] Watthour readings till it reset or shut off. This meter alsocapture and store Peak Amps Ap, Peak Power Wp and Minimum Voltage Vm valuesduring the operation.


Operates from 4.8 to 60V or down to 0V with optional auxiliary battery
0 to 150A, resolution 0.01A
0 to 60V, resolution 0.01V
0 to 6,554W, resolution 0.1W
0-65 Ah, resolution 0.001 Ah
0-6554 Wh, resolution 0.1 Wh.
16 x 2, backlit LCD display
Dimension: 85 x 42 x 25 mm

Package included
1 x Power RC Watt Meter and Power Analyzer - 150 Amps

Use this watt meter to measure the motor wattage usage of your Radio Controlled RC Hobby, RC CAR, RC Plane, RC Helicopter, RC Boat, and RC Motorcycle. It can measure from 2208 2600kv motor to 2212 1000kv-1400kv-2200kv and 2217 1100kv or 2217 1500kv, or any motor esc combo from 30 amp esc to 40 amp esc all the way up to 150 amp esc's. Simply attach your favorite connector, including xt60, xt90, and dean (connectors not included). Thank you.